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Kid's Birthday Party Enquiry
I am the parent/guardian/caregiver of the participant who is under 18 years of age. I consent to the names and contact details being held by the Gymsport & Recreation Centre (“Centre”) for the purposes of processing my registration as a participant; to provide me with information and activities relating to the Centre; contacting any of the person(s) named in an emergency involving the participant and enabling the Centre to comply with any statute, regulation, bylaw or other regulatory instrument that requires collection or disclosure of personal information.

I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk of danger and injury in physical activities such as gymnastics/trampoline which involve movement, rotation and height in a unique environment. I will not hold the Centre or their staff responsible for any claims, losses and expenses/costs (including legal costs) which may arise from or in connection with participation in any activity authorised or recognised by the Centre except in the case of gross negligence or a wilful act or omission on the part of the Centre.

I will indemnify the Centre from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal expenses) suffered or incurred at any time as the result of failure to observe the regulations, guidelines and reasonable directions of the Centre.

In the unlikely event of an injury or illness occurring the Centre ill make every effort to contact the parent/guardian/caregiver listed on the registration form. By signing this form I authorise the administration of such first aid as is considered necessary.

I understand and declare that my child:

My child is in good health and I will advise the Centre immediately in the event of any ailment likely or considered to be detrimental to the health of other participants.

My child will comply with all reasonable directions of the Centre staff.

If he/she commits any act of misconduct that in the opinion of the Centre Manager is detrimental to other participants or the good name of the Centre, or staff, he/she will have his/her registration terminated or suspended. There will be no refunds for suspension or termination.

I understand that in submitting this application i am indicating my agreement with these terms and conditions.